Intelligame Radio returns to the digital airwaves! We relaunch with Jenny Windom, indie game critic and curator for IntelligameClub.

It’s not quite Spring yet, but there’s all sorts of new life and things to be excited for already. I hope you feel one of those things is the return of The Intelligame Podcast! It’s got a new title: Intelligame Radio.

This Week’s Interview: IntelliGame Contributor and Community Dev Jenny Windom

This first episode features a conversation with Jenny Windom. Though she currently works for Rose City Games as a Community Developer, she also runs her own YouTube and Twitch channels. Her passion for indie games comes from many places: an interest in human stories, a love for “wholesome” aesthetic, to name some. She’s also a dancer, practicing in various styles as both a performer and a teacher.

Jenny’s taking on a couple new roles with Intelligame: first and foremost as the curator for IntelligameClub. Our monthly game discussion group is returning with a brand new, podcast-based format; she’ll talk a bit about that. She’s also going to be making weekly game recommendations for Intelligame Radio! You’ll hear her delightful voice near the end of each show, pointing you towards a game to be on the lookout for.

Director’s Cut: We Need More Spaces Like Game Devs of Color Expo

February is Black History Month, reminding me of one of my favorite events of the year: Game Devs of Color Expo in New York City. This year I participated as a moderator, running a panel called Forging Your Path in Games with some amazing panelists. This conference always feels energizing to me, and I wanted to revisit the ways that the event prioritizes elevating the marginalized. It’s something I know I need to become better at myself, but I want to work to get there. Hopefully this reading helps to highlight ways events of all kinds can improve.

Game Recommendation: Arise: A Simple Story

The first recommendation of the new season is Arise: A Simple Story. Developed by Piccolo Studio and published by Techland, the game takes you through a man revisiting moments of his past. A combination of gorgeous art and sound, this love story creates an emotional experience. Though Jenny did note having some issues with the platforming, the tale the game weaves stands out above it all.

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