This week on Intelligame Radio, we take time to think about how we can shape the future for the better, and how to push through the tough parts along the way. For this episode, we talk with freelance host Malik Forté and discuss a game that both challenges players and pushes them forward.

This Episode’s Interview: Malik Forté, Freelance Event Host

I met Malik way back at one of my first game conventions as a journalist. He was writing for his own outlet, MaxLevel, alongside his friend Carlos and some others, and they’d gotten an interview with Ed Boon alongside others to discuss Neatherrealm’s new fightning game: Injustice. I was happy to meet Malik for many reasons, not least of which was seeing a fellow Black man in the press space. Since then, his career’s taken a number of interesting turns: many know him from pop-culture website Nerdist or his time hosting Overwatch League.

Though he’s been in a number of different settings and job opportunities, Malik’s maintained a personal direction and style. Though (as he says on the episode) he doesn’t see himself as an advocate per se, he’s consistently tried to stay true to himself and make space for other people of color. During our discussion, we talk about his career, his thoughts on the game industry as it stands, and how we can improve moving forward.

Game Recommendation: Celeste

Celeste is a game that comes with plenty of trials, but always encourages you to continue on to the summit. Still, it’s not always just the outside world that’s difficult to conquer…sometimes it’s the challenges within ourselves that keep us from our goals, too. Celeste is a precision-platformer, which means it’ll take mechanical accuracy succeed. But the game’s assist options, combined with a fantastic narrative about mental health, make it a trial worth taking on for anyone willing to venture the climb.

Celeste is currently available on PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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