This week, the IntelligameClub discusses Half, a narrative game about being biracial by Emma Kidwell. Joining Jenny this week are IG Moderator Llama and content creator/children’s book author Kakujo.

The Interview

This latest episode of Intelligame Club is a roundtable discussion about the game Half, by Emma Kidwell. If you haven’t already gotten to listen to our developer interview, feel free to jump into that first to learn about what inspired Emma to create Half. You’ll also hear her reflect on the process of taking lived experiences and communicating them through the medium of games.

Haven’t gotten a chance to play yet? If you have a bit of time, consider playing Half before listening so you can reflect on the game along with us! The game is available for free and can be played on a web browser, and takes roughly 20 minutes to complete.

The Discussion

In this week’s episode, I was joined by Intelligame moderator, Llama, and Brian, a Twitch and Youtube content creator who has recently written and published his first children’s book. The three of us dove into discussing this topic and game wholeheartedly, as all three of us are biracial and grew up with experiences similar to Emma’s. 

What becomes apparent through our discussion is not only what a poignant game Emma has created… but that the act of sharing experiences with those who can empathize is a powerful and, in many ways, therapeutic experience. Click this link to find the episode on your favorite podcast platform, or you can listen below:

Whether you shared your thoughts about the demo in the Discord, participated in the livestream discussion, wrote to us at [email protected], or simply listened and reflected on your own: we appreciate you!

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