This week’s Intelligame Radio dives below the surface into the connections between our creations and the world we make them in. For this episode, we explore both the expanses of the ocean and the mind.

This Episode’s Interview: Robyn Haley and Darren Malley of Paralune Studio

Mythic Ocean made its release debut at PAX South, a mashup of open-world exploration and choice-based storytelling. As you meet the various gods in this mysterious underwater world, your interactions shape the future not just for them, but for the universe. It’s a beautiful game, made for contemplation of not just the world, but the self as well.

Darren and Robyn, two-thirds of Paralune Studio, have worked on bringing the game to life for the past three years. We talk about the game, the creation process, and how their own thoughts about the world we live in shaped the direction of the narrative. They also share their Intelligames: one that may be new to listeners, and another that’s an Intelligame classic.

Director’s Cut: We’re In This Together.

On last week’s episode, Xalavier Nelson Jr. called Tetris Effect his Intelligame, citing the warmth and love the game brings. This week, I venture back into a piece I wrote not long after Effect’s original release. Created by the same people who made the psychedelic experiences of Rez and Lumines, Tetris Effect’s music and visuals go beyond what someone would expect from a Tetris game. Taking the classic puzzler and infusing wondrous portrayals of our world, it creates a deep connection with the player while reminding us of our connections to each other.

Jenny’s Game Recommendation: ABZÛ

Created by the studio behind Journey, Jenny’s game recommendation for the week is another chance to marvel at the digital depths. Exploring the world as a diver, ABZÛ has you uncover a mystery while swimming alongside all manner of ocean life. Jenny’s time with the game reminded her of time she spent swimming in the real ocean, and, like Mythic Ocean, reminds us of the delicate beauty of our natural habitats and our responsibility to protect them.

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