Explore thought-provoking games alongside the rest of the Intelligame every month.

What’s IntelligameClub?

Games give us space to learn and grow, especially when we play them together. IntelligameClub is a chance for everyone in the Intelligame community to jump into a game curated by the IG Team. We’ll play it on our own, chat about it in online, and have a group discussion at the end.

What kinds of games are selected for IntelligameClub?

We tend to select titles that have already gotten us talking as a team, or we’ve heard lots of you recommend it to us in the IG stream or on Discord. These are games meant to broaden our understanding of what gaming can do and the experiences they can bring us.

We lean towards games with these criteria in mind:

  • Accessible to as many community members as possible
  • Affordable (usually $20 or under)
  • Playable in ~7 hours or under
  • Focused on narrative, with minimal graphic triggers
  • Low-to-medium “gaming skill” required

How does it work?

1. Get the game. Each month’s selection will be announced with plenty of time to play it before the discussion.

2. Play! Jump into the game, and be curious! These games are meant to spark discussion, and maybe thought about ideas you hadn’t considered before. You can go into the game fresh, or you can use our discussion questions as a guide.

3. Chat about it! We’ll post selected questions for the month’s game here on the website, as well as on social media and the Intelligame Discord. Engage with other community members and get ready for the discussion!

4. Join the live discussion! We’ll be using those DQs below to guide the conversation during a livestreamed discussion! We may even feature special guests, so you’ll want to make sure you’re there! Bring your questions as well as your thoughts to share (or feel free to listen, absorb, and reflect!)

We’re SO excited!

Really. This is something we’ve been wanting to set up for months: we already enjoy sharing games with you on the IG weekly streams, but really look forward to the discussions we can share when we’ve all played the same title with similar questions in mind! You can click to see all the games we’ve chosen for IntelligameClub in the past.

Come join us for some great Intelligaming!

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