This week on Intelligame Radio, we revisit three segments from Season Two of the show, using thoughts from the past to frame the present.

Remember when your favorite TV series would run a clip show near the end of the season as a recap? Whether you loved it or hated it, they were a great chance to look back at where the series had come from. Maybe there were entertaining or thoughtful moments from the past worth reconsidering?

Though we’re not nearing the end of this season of IGR, we’re doing a bit of a clip show ourselves with this week’s episode. Welcome to Flashback: three segments from 2018 that give us something to think about today.

(Note: these segments have varying audio qualities due to the nature of technology; thanks for your understanding. 🙂

Segment One – Setting Intention

The first piece comes from Episode 38 of Season Two: Setting Intention. At PixelPop Festival I played a friendly, experimental fighting game with writer and Intelligame Contributor Mikkel Snyder. I might have gotten…a little too personally invested in the game’s outcome? Regardless, the experience helped me think about the importance of mindset and intentions.

Segment Two: The Power of Platform

Perhaps we’re seeing it now more than ever: the influence of our share buttons. As everyone scours the internet for the most up-to-date coronavirus information, every article counts…especially if it’s from someone you trust. Episode 29 dives into the power of the platforms and revisits discussions about a social media troll with less power today than he had then.

Segment Three: Learning from Small Community

Episode 31 came after a three-event jaunt through New York City. After attending NYU Game Center’s Practice conference, Games for Change, and Game Devs of Color Expo, I was…pretty tired. But I also saw the discussions that could happen at those shows that couldn’t happen elsewhere. As we dive deeper into small, digital communities in 2020, it’s worth thinking back on other smaller groups and the big changes they help make.

Josh’s Game Recommendation: Tacoma

I’ve streamed this game a number of times for Intelligame for many reasons (including once with Fullbright founder Steve Gaynor and developer Nina Freeman). It’s a title with a lot of heart, great characters, and strong discussion about capitalism, worker’s rights, and corporations. This week, since Jenny’s off, I’m recommending this because it gets to the core of why so many of us take action: to protect the ones we love. Even if large-scale politics are all around us, sometimes all we can do is take steps to protect our loved ones and people who can’t help themselves…and that’s plenty.

Tacoma is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux.

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