In this episode of IntelligameClub, we finish our She Dreams Elsewhere by chatting feelings, self-talk, and ribs with IG Founder, Josh, as well as special guest Kahlief Adams of the Spawn on Me Podcast.

Welcome to IntelligameClub! Each month the Intelligame community plays a game together chosen by IntelligameClub curator, Jenny Windom. This month’s selection is She Dreams Elsewhere, a game developed by Studio Zevere.

If you haven’t already had the opportunity to listen to our interview with Davionne, please check it out here.

The Discussion

In this week’s episode, Josh and I were joined by special guest Kahlief Adams, host of the Spawn on Me podcast. We tackled the discussion questions from last episode, and our overall impressions of the demo itself. Our different personal experiences and tendencies resulted in us seeing two of the main characters in this demo — Thalia and Amia — in very different ways. We also shared our own struggles (and strategies!) when coping with social anxiety and negative self talk. Have a listen here, or feel free to enjoy this episode on Spotify or!

Thanks so much for participating in this first IntelligameClub! We appreciated your thoughts about the demo in the Discord, letters at [email protected], and personal reflections! Please continue sharing your thoughts about this new format as we continue to hone in ~ it’s much appreciated.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our next IntelligameClub selection and discussion questions! You’ll be able to see the announcement both on Discord as well as via our Twitter.