This week on Intelligame Radio, we tune into the tunes that give our games life in the real world. For this episode, we speak with a video game composer and think about the nature of music in gaming.

This Episode’s Interview: Andy Brick, Composer and Conductor for the Game On Concert series

I love video game concerts, so I was excited to attend the Game On concert in Portland in February. Unlike other concerts I’d seen in the past, this one wasn’t organized around a specific franchise. Others revolved around franchises like Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, or Kingdom Hearts. Over the course of two hours, the Portland Symphony Orchestra played pieces ranging from Bioshock and League of Legends to Ori and the Blind Forest and Until Dawn. It was a great concert, and the variety of pieces reminded me how broad our world of gaming has become.

Andy Brick conducts the Game On concerts, and has worked on a wide range of compositions during his career. In the interview, we talked about his experience with Game On, as well his intentions for orchestral concerts overall. With the span of music created for games, he sees a future where game compositions could be performed alongside classical composers. He could be on to something.

Director’s Cut: A Reflection on Game Music

I didn’t realize just how much game music has shaped my life until reflecting while editing this interview. I’ve loved rhythm games and wanted to play on the hardest difficulties to sink into flow. From an early age I listened to OCRemix versions of some of my favorite SNES games. Then, buying CDs of game music on eBay…it’s been a long love affair. For this episode, I talk about game music and the ways it’s affected my life, as well as the importance of taking time to listen.

Jenny’s Game Recommendation: Mutazione

Many people are taking up gardening right now for a host of reasons. Whether it’s purely for food or a chance to reconnect with nature, there’s a beauty in the peace and space the practice makes. Mutazione is a game about gardening, community, music, and more. As you meet characters in a seemingly abandoned world, your gardening and musical compositions bring new creations to life. It’s the kind of contemplative space that’s useful in stressful times.

Mutazione’s currently available on Apple Arcade, PS4, Windows, and Mac.

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