Welcome to the first episode of the Intelligame Podcast! On this episode of the podcast I talked with Carol Mertz about her history in game design, and some of the ways she’s used game design as catharsis. This has been a long time coming, but I’m really excited to get it started. The Good Ship IGPC’s sailing on her maiden voyage, and this leg of the journey’s been crystal blue waters. Or a red sky at night…sailor’s delight…or something. More boat references.

On this episode of the podcast I talked with Carol Mertz about ways she’s used game design as catharsis. She’s worked on a number of projects with multiple indie developers including the studio she co-founded, Rampant Interactive, and Butterscotch Shenanigans. Carol also launched her own solo studio, Insatiable Cycle, as an outlet for more personal projects. Her personal projects, whether they’re light-hearted or dark, always give me room for pause and reflection.

I also take some time on the show to give an Editor’s Cut of The Last Bastion. Reading the piece aloud gave me a chance to add some additional info I hope you’ll appreciate. I also recommended the first Intelligame of the Week: Life is Strange! It’s one of my favorite narrative adventures, and likely would have been my 2015 Game of the Year if I’d undertaken such a task.

Anyway, enjoy the show! Send any feedback you have to [email protected]; I’m happy to hear it.

Next week’s episode will post Sunday, September 4th, at 12:00pm EST. I’ll be looking to add this to iTunes and other subscription platforms after PAX West, so keep an eye out!


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