The channel of a million followers begins with a single step…those likely weren’t the original words, but the point still stands. Josh talks upcoming events and starting small communities in this episode of Intelligame Radio.

IGR S2E40: Finding the power in small community

On the internet, a place where everything is quantified in discrete metrics, it can feel like a space that doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of followers isn’t worth much. Still, small community spaces give us a chance to connect directly with others, and allows for more intimacy. This feels increasingly important in a hyper-connected, constantly-anxious and traumatic world.

Today’s main story is meant to encourage folks to get out there and create the communities they want to see in the world. After some time to process PixelPop Festival 2018, it’s apparent how important it is to just get started, letting time and experience help you grow. Whether it’s a service organization, gaming clan, or D&D group, the communities we form have ripple effects that likely stretch far beyond what we anticipated. After all, Intelligame’s livestream presence on Twitch was in no small part inspired by a Vainglory streamer (learn more in the episode).

Bonus Announcements

A couple pieces of upcoming Intelligame news:

  • Intelligame will be at TwitchCon 2018! Josh will be moderating two panels: “Working in Games, No Code Required!” and “Actually…Let’s Talk About It: Having Real-World Discussions in Chat.” More information to come as things are cemented, but some Intelligame familiar faces will be at the show: Josh (myself), as well as IG Contributor Jenny Windom, Arcade Spirits writer Aenne Schumann, Player vs. Hunger founder Sylvie Dao, and more.
  • Speaking of Player vs. Hunger, we’re starting our food drive for PvsH this week! Keep an eye out on Twitch for special bonus streams every Friday, as well as for an upcoming 12-hour bonus stream!

Show References

TwitchCon 2018

Player vs. Hunger

ShinKaigan on Twitch

Josh’s talk about small communities at PixelPop Festival 2018

Do you have a small community that you appreciate, or one you’d want to start? Talk about it in the comments!