TwitchCon 2018 features special Intelligame content! Site founder Josh Boykin will moderate two panels about working in games and having real-world discussions on stream, and he’s bringing some fantastic panelists.

TwitchCon is the yearly capstone event for streamers and viewers tied into the game-centric streaming platform. People come from all over the world to meet their favorite streamers, learn more about the craft, play games, and meet new people. Moving from Long Beach to San Jose, TwitchCon 2018 is sure to feature plenty of opportunities to grow and have a good time.

After attending as press the last two years, this time I’ll be rolling through with a special Speaker badge! This year I’ll have the privilege of moderating two panels hosted by TwitchCon, each with a fantastic array of panelists who are probably familiar to the Intelligame audience.

Actually, Let’s Talk About It: Discussing Real-World Issues in Chat

Saturday, October 27th @ 10:30a PST in the PJSugar Theatre

Many people look at games as a place to escape politics and discussion about the real-world, but the intersections between games and reality are hard to ignore. Our first panel of the day covers a heavy subject: having real-world discussions on-stream. These panelists take the time to engage about issues like race, gender, sexuality, politics, and more in their communities, and they’ll talk about how to do so effectively. This panel features:


Make YOUR Way in the Games Industry

Saturday, October 27th @ 1:30p PST in the FrankerZ Theatre

The games industry is a constantly-growing field, and there are so many interesting ways to get involved. This panel showcases some great people who work in the games space in roles that you might not think of. We’ll discuss not just the various styles of work they do, but also how to get started working in the game industry professionally.

This talk features:

I’m incredibly excited for the chance to highlight these creators and learn from their perspectives on the TwitchCon stage. I’d encourage you not just to watch the panels, but also watch these streamers individually! You can watch the panels live here on Intelligame or directly on Twitch.

Keep an eye out for more information about these panels over the next couple weeks, and I hope to see you either in-person or virtually at TwitchCon 2018!