Dating sims are experiencing a resurgence, and tonight we’re delving into a couple new ones. Join us at 8:00p Pacific on Twitch as PeachyAenne, writer for the upcoming game Arcade Spirits, joins the stream for a demo. After that, Josh and Aenne check out the newly-released Monster Prom.

Friday night’s date night, right? That should mean it’s a great time to dive into some dating sims! Tonight we’re livestreaming on the Intelligame Twitch channel and showing off two new dating games: one’s yet to be released, and the other just came out today. And tonight’s stream also features a done of double-trouble: Aenne “PeachyAenne” Schumann is joining the antics to talk about her upcoming game…and, of course, to attend the Monster Prom.

For people who focus heavily on narrative, visual novels are a great medium. Visual novels still provide elements of interactivity and choice, but zone in heavily on story and character. Though they very in degrees of linearity, they’re usually text-based and feel like a game equivalent of reading a good ol’ fashioned book. Dating sims in particular let players start relationships with characters in the in the game, with varying degrees of success based on the choices made.

Date 1: Heading to the Arcade

Arcade Spirits takes the dating sim visual novel and puts it in the year 20XX, in a universe where arcades never fell out of style. It’s infused with a ’80s-style neon aesthetic, and you play as an employee recently hired to an arcade. You’ll create your character, choose your look, and choose which characters you want to fall for while exploring the story and learning more about the world. We’ll also have PeachyAenne riding shotgun, so if you have questions or comments about the demo, you can get info direct from one of the creators!

Date 2: Going to Monster Prom

After taking our trip through the arcade, we’ll head back to high school…monster high school, that is! Beautiful Glitch’s Monster Prom gives us three weeks to find a date for prom in what’s marketed as a “competitive dating sim.” Up to four players compete to find a date to prom, taking on challenges and raising their stats along the way. Aenne and I will be going into the game blind, but rest assured…someone will emerge supreme Monster Prom-er.

To watch the stream, you can head over to the Intelligame Twitch page, or you can watch using the player below. See you tonight, and get ready to delve into some dating sims.

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