This episode of the Intelligame Podcast focuses on the different ways we represent ourselves and others. Highlighting developers present at both Game Devs of Color Expo 2017 and PixelPop 2018, we dive into the ways representation affects us and our world.

We can agree that representation matters, but in what ways? How do we portray ourselves when we’re in the world? When we’re the creators of media, how do we portray others? More often than we realize, the representations we see in media color our perceptions of others. In the cases of people we’ve never met before, these representations may shape our entire view of peoples, cultures, situations. We venture into discussions of representation: representations of brands, of ideas, of people…of food?

The Intelligame Podcast, Episode 007 – Represent

Show Breakdown

Act One is a slight departure from previous episodes of the Intelligame Podcast: instead of focusing on a single long-form interview, we’re showcasing three discussions with game creators who we’ve spoken with about the importance of representation. Ethan Redd talks about the importance of representing positivity and hope in his colorful, low-poly art style. Harrison Barton and Morgan Rowe showcase the LGBT+ community and shine a positive light on dealing with mental health issues. Mary McKenzie and Gene Kelly share the importance of providing space for creators to represent themselves, particularly when they’re in spaces that are generally looked over.

Act Two features a Director’s Cut from Intelligame contributor Jenny Windom. Not every representation rings as true or positive, as Jenny shows in her discussion of Detroit: Become Human. Quantic Dream’s newest narrative adventure is a technical marvel, but her discussion shows how the game overlooks some of the humanity it struggles to represent. This act features a reading of “The Choice Quantic Dream Did NOT Pick in Detroit: Become Human,” along with some additional commentary by Jenny.

Act Three is our Game of the Show, a game that represents food in an entirely different light. TJ Hughes’ NOUR lets you interact with absurd, visually-striking setpieces revolving around various foods: 16 toasters that can pop up infinite amounts of toast, a cocktail glass you can fill with ice and various drinks, etc. It’s not a game with an objective per se, but it showcases an entirely different way to look at the world around you.

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How do you feel it’s important to “represent” in gaming and media? Tell us in the comments!


Show Notes

Featured Guests

Ethan Redd of Virtuoso Neomedia

Harrison Barton and Morgan Rowe of Pride Interactive

Mary McKenzie and Gene Kelly of Volcano Bean

Director’s Cut

“The Choice Quantic Dream Did NOT Pick in Detroit: Become Human,”

Game of the Show

NOUR by TJ Hughes