We’re just a few days before the whirlwind of TwitchCon, so we’re doing something special for tomorrow’s livestream! Join us as we debut a new YouTube video, then play some Stardew Valley multiplayer together for the first time. 10/24, 6p Pacific at twitch.tv/intelligameus.

TwitchCon 2018 comes with a lot of new experiences, including two Intelligame-moderated panels! In preparation for the weekend of streamers, games, and discussion, Let’s Intelliplay is bringing some new excitement to tomorrow’s stream.

First off: this stream won’t be solo! IG Contributor Jenny Windom is joining the fray, we’ll even have special guest appearances from video contributors Adam Garner and Gautam Srikishan throughout the night, too. We’re kicking off the night with the debut of a new YouTube video: “The World of Edith Finch.”


A stroll through the world of the Finches

Our next Intelligame video essay explores ideas touched on in What Remains of Edith Finch, a narrative adventure following a young woman around her childhood home and her history. While working on that piece, Adam created a brief video highlighting the beauty of the game’s setting. Paired up with all-new music by Gautam, this new video captures the wonder of this game’s world in fantastic ways. We’re debuting this video, “The World of Edith Finch,” tomorrow at 6:15p Pacific on YouTube. RSVP for the digital reveal and live viewing by clicking the link.

After we watch the video and discuss, it’ll be time for some co-op farming…


Stardew Valley with the Intelligame team

Jenny Windom, Intelligame contributor and indie game critic, has recommended many games I’ve loved, including Florence and Celeste. This week. we’re taking on another game she’s pushed for, one that I’ve avoided for some time: Stardew Valley. An indie game that made an explosive debut with its charm and Harvest Moon-style gameplay, it’s known for being pretty all-consuming. Now that the game includes multiplayer, it seems like the perfect game for the Intelligame team to take on!

Both Gautam and I are brand-new to the world of Stardew Valley, so whether you’re a seasoned farmhand or a fresh greenhorn, this stream should be great for you. We’ll be starting the game after discussing and watching the video. You can watch the stream live on Twitch!

This stream’s going to be a lot of fun, and it’s our last stream before TwitchCon this weekend! Come join the fun and show your support as we get ready for a new adventure.