Since announcing that Intelligame was participating in the Extra Life fundraiser, the Intelligame community has raised nearly $1,200 for sick kids. Now, the final schedule is revealed.

The amount of generosity the Intelligame community has shown in the past two weeks has been completely amazing, with gaming veterans, casual players, and even people who play little-to-no games pitching in to help. Thank you so much to everyone who’s shown support either through donations or sharing the information with their own communities! We’re still short of our $2,000 goal, but we know just how to take care of that: the 25-hour Intelligame Extra Life livestream!

I’ll be on stream for 25 hours alongside some great guests to show off twelve different games, as well as bring an extra-special treat: the revival of the Intelligame Podcast.

Check out the full event schedule below. Don’t forget that you can still help us break that goal: donate here, or join Team Intelligame and do some fundraising of your own!

Can’t wait to see you on the stream, folks. Let’s reach that $2,000 goal together: Let’s Intelligame!


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