We’ve completed Outer Wilds and the Echoes of the Eye DLC, so now it’s time for something new! I’ve gotten a whole host of suggestions over the past couple of months for our next stream game, so I’ve narrowed it down to just a few. Here’s your chance to cast your vote!

There are 8 options on the ballot! Intelligame uses Ranked Choice voting, so instead of voting for just one choice, you’ll choose your order of preference! Here’s how it works:

When the votes are tallied, if any option gets more than 50% of the 1st choice votes, it wins by default! If not, the option with the fewest 1st choice votes gets knocked off the list, and those votes are tallied for their 2nd choice instead. This process repeats until one game ends up with over 50% of the vote!

I love ranked choice voting because it means you can vote for the game you actually want instead of just shaping your vote to what you think might win. It’s a system I’d like to see used more often in politics, so we use it here as an example.

We’ve got 8 choices this time:

This vote’s deadline is Saturday, Nov 5th by midnight Pacific time. If you’re all ready to cast your vote, head on over to the ballot page! Otherwise, click through for some brief descriptions of each game.

Thanks so much for your vote! (And if you’re in the US, remember to vote in the midterm elections on Tue, Nov 8th!)

First up: Chicory and Deltarune