Starting Monday, February 11th at 6p Pacific, we introduce a four-episode, bi-weekly series highlighting queer content and culture in gaming.

Gaming reaches a larger audience every day, and the number of people creating games grows, too. The indie gaming scene’s created a surge of games telling personal stories, sharing experiences beyond triple-A fare. Many of these games tell stories from various marginalized perspectives, giving us all a chance to learn from interaction. As the first of what will hopefully be many shows debuting under the Intelligame banner, I’m happy to introduce Queercade: a series dedicated to highlighting queer games and culture.

A picture of EmilyMadly sitting in a bathtub filled with large, white ping-pong balls.
EmilyMadly, host of Queercade.

Each episode of Queercade will tackle a different indie game, discussing themes, representation, story, and more. Our show’s host is EmilyMadly, an artist and game enthusiast who you may remember from our Until Dawn stream for Halloween last year. They’ve curated a fantastic group of games to show off, bringing a wide range of styles to the table. With a mix of researched knowledge and natural humor, Emily creates a fun, enjoyable stream whenever they’re live. I’ll be riding shotgun for the episodes, fielding questions from chat and otherwise backseat driving.

Over the course of Queercade, we’ll take on a wide range of experiences and stories. We’ll play stories based in the real-world about coming out and relationships. We’ll travel to fantastic worlds with monsters and robots. We’ll hop a time machine to play the first gay/lesbian-themed video game… We’ll explore intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and more… And that’s just scratching the surface.

Intelligame’s community makes it powerful. Whether on livestream, in our Discord, or out in the real world, we strengthen each other’s understanding of society. Emily’s been a part of the Discord for some time, but they’ve also made fantastic art and worked to give a voice to many marginalized cultures. I’m happy to bring them in as another contributor to IG, and I look forward to our first episode of Queercade next Monday.

Join us on Twitch at starting at Monday, February 11th at 6p Pacific time! I hope you’ll share it with your friends, and I look forward to even more great gaming experiences with our growing group of Intelligamers.