Our next edition of Let’s Intelliplay is more peaceful and cerebral than last week. Let’s explore the underwater depths in ABZÛ, and revisit the era of AOL Instant Messenger in Emily is Away.

Now that we’ve put the 1940s cop drama back on the shelf, this week we’re taking a more peaceful approach to Let’s Intelliplay. We’re tackling two shorter games with very different experiences, though both should give us plenty to enjoy and talk about.

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ABZÛ is a game about aquatic exploration. With art direction by Matt Nava, the director behind indie hits Flower and Journey, it’ll visually fascinate. The title comes from two ancient words: AB, meaning “water,” and ZÛ, meaning “to know.” Hopefully, we’ll walk away with a better understanding of the digital waters as well as ourselves.

This’ll be my first playthrough of ABZÛ, so I’m not sure how much dialog there’ll be or concrete narrative. Journey left me stunned after playing it though, and that’s more than enough reason to give this title a chance.

Emily is Away takes us back to Windows XP, passive-aggressive away messages, and flip phones. “Unlimited nights and weekends” minutes were the crux of many a young relationship. Mocking up the style and feel of the mid-2000s, we talk to Emily. Who sometimes is away.

Emily is Away is a narrative adventure, taking us through the rise and fall of a young connection. I expect the story will feel slightly different for everyone, but it’ll stand out for “millennials” in particular. I’m sensing there’ll be plenty to discuss by the time we reach the game’s conclusion.

See you tonight, folks!

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