Though we’ve only made a couple mentions of it here on the website, Intelligame is building a live stream presence out there in the world. Our Twitch channel,, hosts Let’s Intelliplay every Thursday from 5p-9p Pacific. Today though, to try and catch up from missing a couple days while traveling, we’re doing a bonus stream. You can come hang out with us starting at 1p Pacific as we tackle the seedy, problematic world of L.A. Noire together.

NOTE: This is an M-rated game, with violence, sexual assault, and other mature themes. Viewer discretion advised.

Published by Rockstar Games in 2007, L.A. Noire puts us in the role of war veteran Cole Phelps. Returning from World War II, he takes a job with the LAPD and climbs the ladder while breaking case after case. Los Angeles wears glamour and fame on the surface, but it’s seedy and corrupt underneath. Phelps, already prone to racism and violence, gets many of these traits amplified by the power that comes with his badge. At this point in the game, Phelps was just reassigned to Homicide…slightly strange considering the 10+ bodies racked up during the end of the last case. But we’ll talk about that on stream.

We’re roughly halfway through the game at this point, but this is still a great time to jump into the stream. Each case functions as its own episode, with a complete case to solve. Driving and combat in this game is styled after Grand Theft Auto, but the core revolves around detective work. We’ll search for evidence, interrogate witnesses, and use our clues to determine truths from lies. LA Noire may be best known for its facial mapping system; Team Bondi engineered special tools to map the expressions on the actors faces while reading lines. Though the game is a decade old, the facial expressions still look great (alongside the rest of the game).

You can watch the stream right here from the Intelligame website; feel free to chat and add your voice to the mix. Looking forward to seeing you in L.A.

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