The Intelligame Podcast returns! Episode 3: Revival brings back the long-form format with an interview with Rami Ismail and more critical discussion. Confetti emoji

After a long hiatus, the Intelligame Podcast returns! Intelligame Radio’s small, 15-20 minute chunks have their place, but sometimes you just want a podcast meal, you know? That’s why the Good Ship IGPC is setting sail again: to bring you a heaping helping of Intelligame audio content. This is all thanks to our Intelligame Patrons: folks supporting Intelligame and its growth over on Patreon! You’ll get a special shout-out at the end of the article, but I just wanted to say thanks right up front: you folks made this happen, and I’m incredibly grateful for the chance to start this show again. Thank you so much.

The Intelligame Podcast will air every other week on Wednesdays as part of Intelligame Radio. If you’re currently subscribed to Intelligame Radio on, Google Play, or iTunes, you’ll get the episodes as part of your regular feed! If you’d prefer to just get Intelligame Podcast episodes though, you can head over to the Intelligame Soundcloud page. Also, if you’re looking for a link to the episode, head down to the Show Notes!

Now, let’s get to talking about this podcast. 🙂


Featured Interview: Rami Ismail


Rami’s traveled all over the world sharing his knowledge and experience about games, game development, and industry culture. He’s a co-founder of Vlambeer, the studio behind many arcade-style indie hits like Nuclear Throne and Luftrausers. Though I’ve seen him at multiple gaming events like E3, IndieCade, and GDC, I finally got the chance to sit down and talk with him at PAX West. Nearing the end of the four-day gauntlet originally dubbed PAX Prime, fatigue set in across the show floor, and we were no exceptions. Still, he took time to talk with fans and autograph copies of his game, smiling and thanking them for the support. Rami’s a bit of a celebrity in the indie gaming scene, but he doesn’t seem to let it get to him; his relaxed style seems to put people at ease.

I thought Rami’s interview would be great for this “revival” episode because it’s hard to talk to him about games and not feel a drive to start a project or take on a cause. During the interview we talk about the new space at PAX he helped found, “The Playground,” as well as some of his game development. We also learn about how he got started in public speaking and what some of his favorite games are. Rami also talks about the importance of the international game dev community, highlighting innovative game experiences from outside the North American market. It’s an interview worth checking out.


Show Notes


Thanks to Our Sponsors: Intelligame Patrons!

Typically, thanking the sponsors will be at the end of these posts. This time though, the Intelligame Patrons get top billing: you were the ones that brought the podcast back! I’ve thought about returning to the Intelligame Podcast’s long-form format for a while, but there’ve always been blocks in the way: time, and motivation to edit. I always felt the format had something special, though: intriguing guests, game recommendations, and a critical discussion in under an hour.

I made the Intelligame Podcast a goal on Patreon thinking that I’d have plenty of time to prep before the community cleared it: I was wrong! Now, The Good Ship IGPC is an every-other-Wednesday venture that includes interviews, commentary, and game recommendations. During each episode, I’m going to shout out a Patron who helped make all this possible, because, well, you totally deserve it. 🙂

This episode’s shoutout goes to Keri Moore, one of the first people to convince me to get this Patreon account moving in the first place. Thanks, Keri!

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Hope you enjoy the podcast, folks. Welcome back to the IGPC.