Intelligame’s been going strong for nearly a month now, and I’m feeling great. The site’s gotten some great feedback, and now that some of the introductory kinks are worked out, I’m working on growing the site in all the ways websites are supposed to grow. You know what that means: social networking!

Intelligame’s starting small with a Facebook and Twitter page. If you use either of those services, definitely give Intelligame a like/follow and I’ll do my all to make sure you get great updates with quality gaming content. Going forward, we’ll check with you folks to see where we should expand next: Tumblr? Instagram? Google+? Pinterest?

Truthfully, I’m not good at any of those services I just mentioned. But I’m certainly willing to learn. Heck, I already have a Pinterest…I like looking at food I’ll never actually bake/cook as much as the next person, after all.

I’m hoping that Intelligame will become a site known for quality journalism and in-depth thought triggered by the experiences we have in gaming; it’s already making great progress, and it’s thanks to you. Looking forward to the future!