We’re walking into the second full month of Intelligame, so let’s make like any good one-month anniversary and talk about the future.

Welcome to November, home of Thanksgiving, National Novel Writing Month, and the place where Intelligame starts to grow from a soft-launch to a full-fledged medium-ish launch! That’s right; there’s plenty planned for the next couple of months here, and though we’re not at full visibility yet, there are plenty of plans in the works to make Intelligame more comprehensive, dynamic, and another exciting buzzword that’ll get you pumped.

Really though, I’m excited. I hope you are, too.


The Current State of the IntelliUnion

For the last 30-some days, Intelligame has been in soft-launch status: shared on very limited social media channels, experimenting with different types of content and various posting times. To the folks who’ve read the posts, commented, tested various parts of the site, and submitted feedback, I want to say thank you; it means a lot to know that you care enough to help this grow.

If you’re reading this, then you know that the main site, https://www.intelli.game, is live and has multiple posts from this past month. We’ve covered topics ranging from the psychology of fighting games to the intriguing stories found in the Halo universe. We’ve even gotten a bit meta and talked about possible mental trickery at work in a new free-to-play board game and some responsibility of game journalism itself. As we go forward, we’ll continue to write about gaming in its many forms: video, card, board, and more, diving deep in to how these experiences are important to us as individuals and as a society.

If you don’t have Intelligame set to automatically open when you open your browser (though I’d love it if you did), we’re also on Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook page has grown shockingly fast for the amount of time its been live, and though our Twitter is in its infancy, we’ve got plans to make it grow just as quickly. A quick Like or Follow on either one would be awesome if you haven’t done so already!


The Future of the IntelliUnion

So, here’s a breakdown of some of the things we’ll be looking to try over the next 30 days:

  • Consistent Posting Schedule
    • Right now I don’t have the bandwidth to create new articles every day alongside my other projects (it’s National Novel Writing Month, after all), but you can expect to see a new Intelligame post every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Mark your calendars!
  •  Reviews
    • Many sites review games so that you have an idea of what the newest titles are and whether or not you should invest time or money in playing them. Unfortunately, many sites form their reviews in ways that make them look definitive. using number scores or letter grades that create unfair comparisons between drastically different games. A full post will come about our logic behind our reviews, as well as some of our first reviews!
  • Podcast
    • I’ve always been a fan of radio and podcasting, and though the format isn’t finalized, there will be an Intelligame podcast for you to take with you on the way to work, to listen to at school, or wherever else you need some intelligent gaming words to accompany you. Format is still TBD, but I’d love your input! If there’s something you’d like to hear on the show, shoot an email to josh at intelligame dot us.
  • Livestreaming
    • If you’re unfamiliar, both Twitch.tv and YouTube Gaming offer the ability to let users play their games live for an audience, allowing them to entertain questions and otherwise interact in ways recorded gaming doesn’t allow. We’ll be making a point to livestream games that provide gateways to quality, meaningful conversation; keep an eye out for announcements in the days or weeks before the actual livestream.

That’s just a bit of what’s to come, but that’s plenty for the time being. If you have certain games you’d like to see covered, types of content you’d like to see created, or any other type of feedback, feel free to leave it in the comments or email me directly at josh at intelligame dot us.

Thanks so much for the support, everyone; looking forward to seeing more of you in November!