What’s new for Intelligame? Plenty.

Hey, friends! It’s been great to see the response to Intelligame and the type of content we’ve posted here; each post seems to have larger and larger viewership, and it’s all thanks to you and your excitement to share all this Intelligoodness (patent pending) with your friends. Thanks so much for all your support!

I’ve been getting some great feedback (which you can add to, even if it’s not-so-great) from readers, so going forward the style is changing a bit. Here’s the short version:

  • Shorter articles more often! Long-form articles aren’t going away, but sometimes it’s nice to get Intelligame in snack-sized portions instead of 5-course meals. Going forward, expect to see some shorter, 500-750 word articles more frequently, with the long-form essays scaling back at this point to once a week.
  • Reviews! Though I’d made an announcement about Intelligame’s review format, it’s been noted that I haven’t posted any reviews since then…truthfully, I’ve really struggled with the idea of reviewing games. They’re a contentious part of the game journalism/criticism industry right now, and I’ve not been sure which direction I’d like to approach them from. That said, many people have come to me asking what games I’m playing, or asking for recommendations of which games to play that have a more intellectual focus, and I think Intelligame should be a resource for anyone looking for more great games. You still won’t see review scores, but you’ll get summaries that focus on experience that are tailored to the specific game and ties to the world-at-large (like Intelligame do).
  • New media formats! I love the written word, but look for Intelligame to branch out into other forms of media in addition to print articles. I don’t have a set format or schedule right now, but I’m planning to experiment with livestreaming, videos, and podcasting to see what seems to have the most appeal. (By the way, if there’s a particular format you’re interested in seeing developed here….you know what to do.)
  • Community building! I’ve said from the beginning that I’ve wanted Intelligame to be more than just a blog, but to become a resource and a community hub for people who play games and want to dig a little deeper into the medium. Coming over the next couple months Intelligame will launch a new program meant to help do just that…but it’s a surprise. 🙂
  • New voices! As much as I love providing my opinions (read: “As much as I love the sound of my own voice”), I acknowledge that there other great viewpoints out there, and I’m hoping to bring some of them right here to Intelligame for you. Keep an eye out for guests popping up over the course of some of these new ideas; I hope you’ll like them, ’cause I do.

Let’s Intelligame, folks. 🙂