Diving head-long into the zany world of the Prince of all Cosmos, we’ll discuss the cult classic game with Boss Fight Books’ “Katamari Damacy.” Join us and author Laura E. Hall for Intelligame Book Club on August 12th, 2019.

There’s a special joy that’s hard to deny in Katamari Damacy. It’s simple happiness, taking a small ball and rolling it around on the ground, capturing erasers and pens and potted plants and tables and ice cream cones and poker chips and people…

Ok, that’s not something I’ve done in reality. But practically anyone who’s played any of the Katamari games can tell you what that wonder feels like when it happens, and it’s an experience that’s made the franchise dear to players all around the world.

This month for Intelligame Game Club we’re reading Boss Fight Books’ biographical title based on the original game: Katamari Damacy, written by Laura E. Hall. A bit about the book, as taken from the website:

Based on new interviews with Katamari creator Keita Takahashi himself, game designer and writer L. E. Hall explores the unlikely story of the game’s development, its unexpected success, and its lasting cultural impact. Along the way, she uncovers Katamari’s deep roots in Japanese culture, in contemporary art, and in the transformative power of play itself.

About the Author

An experiential game designer, Laura’s worked on big-name gaming projects like the Resident Evil Escape Experience. But even more impressive to me, Laura’s designed many experiential game projects of her own, including the family-friendly puzzle/escape room The Wandmaker’s House and the XOXO Immersive Speakeasy.

A bust portrait of Laura E. Hall looking up, surrounded by brightly-colored objects

Laura’s a friend of mine, and honestly one of my favorite people I’ve met in Portland. She approaches the world with a natural compassion and thoughtfulness, and she remains committed to finding more ways to advocate for non-violence in gaming and in the world-at-large. Taking time to go through her deep dive into the world of Katamari Damacy will surely be a treat for everyone involved.

About Intelligame Reads

Intelligame Reads is a way to take time to focus on reading and discussion with others. Each month we read a book or long-form article connected to gaming and our world. We’ll host this talk about the book on August 5th on either Discord or Twitch.

This month’s discussion will also feature Laura herself! She’ll be live to answer questions and talk about the process of writing the book, as well as her love of Katamari and games in general. If you can, be sure to attend!

If you don’t already own the book, Boss Fight Books has offered to take 20% off both physical and digital copies of Katamari Damacy for IG Book Club participants. You can use the checkout code KATAMARICLUB or follow this link. (Intelligame doesn’t receive any proceeds from sales of the book.)

To learn more, check out our previous Intelligame Reads selections: Reality is Broken, and What It’s Like to Write About Race and Games. Make sure to keep an eye here and on social media for details about Hope to see you for the discussion on August 12th!

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Update: we’ve removed the contest link to win a copy of the book. Congratulations to Christin Wilbanks and Noah Dimas for winning, and thanks to everyone who entered! We’ve also moved the date from its original August 5th to August 12th!